One Tree Hill Apple Day  OCT 2004

Overview of the permaculture area, you would not think this is inLondon ?

Washing and Chopping the apples

Scratting the apples to break them up

Pressing away, to get the juice out....

A write up of the event by M. Peter

What a great end to a wet season. It was gorgeously sunny and the peopleturned out in their numbers. Not so many kids but next year we hope to reallymake it grand with possibly a play or theatre production.

The day kicked off with a good old clean up of the equipment. Some of ushad brought in substantial amounts of apples, that were  washed. choppedand then put through a scratter to crush them, finnally into a press toextractthe juice. Then some of the girls got going with the camp cooking, lovelypumpkin soup. And that was complemented with Merlyn’s homemade bread. Thepumpkin was duly supplied by Ben and Iris from their abundant plot on thefar side.

Where we are is in the woods. This site was chosen because it was difficultand immediately available. The one thing we truly need here is soil. Butwhilst contemplating the methods of its production, there is going to bea few years of developing an infrastructure, and that means culture. Traditionalvalues really count in inner city areas, and we are blessed here to havesome great views of London from green hilltops. At some future time we hopeto restore the fruit growing capacity of the land with the idea of possiblyan orchard. In the meanwhile we hope to build more structures, cosy onesfor the people to get homely in. The next time Apple Day comes around thereshould be the smell of freshly-baked bread wafting over. Bread and applejuice (the cider is ready at Christmas time if anybody likes to join us fora drink), and honey from the opposite plot. More pumpkin soup, another servingof apple cakes, as well as 10 varieties of different apples all grown inKent. This is the barest minimum. Next year we’ll be having weddings!!!

With Thanks to South London Permaculture Organsiation for arranging this event.2005 one is Oct TBC
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Photosby Ian White - last updated 22/02/05